The Wine Museum

Inside a restored nineteenth century country house on a farm in the town of Montecchio Emilia, is a museum dedicated to the noble ‘reggiano’ wine, which the Medici family has been producing for more than a century.
The museum exhibits the tools and utensils which were used in the production of grapes and wine from half way through the nineteenth century upon until the post-war period.
During the museum tour visitors can admire ‘unique’ products often developed by the Medici family in order to improve the cultivation process: transfer pumps, filtration instruments, barrels, demijohns, and tubs as well as unique boots covered with hay, and an ingenuous bottle washing machine.
Next to the museum there is a centre devoted to wine tastings, local food products and an exquisite ‘acetaia’ of PDO balsamic traditional vinegar.

Strada per Sant’Ilario, 68
Montecchio Emilia RE