Rebola is the name given to Pignoletto in the Rimini area, where this grape variety has been cultivated for centuries. Rebola is a fruity and velvety wine, easy to pair with food and able to feature complex perfumes and tastes when aged in wooden barrels or casks. Its main characters are colours ranging from straw yellow in the dry version to amber in the passito one, a delicate fruity aroma and a harmonious, pleasant, characteristic flavor, with different hints depending on whether it is dry, sweet or passito.

Maybe you don’t know that
Rebola has been cultivated for centuries in the Rimini area. The first documents, dating back to 1378, refer to it as “Ruibola" or "Greco”, because it was one of the varieties coming from Greece and because it was similar to the Greco or Grechetto present in other Italian regions. More recently, scientific research has verified the identity of this grape with Pignoletto cultivated on the Bologna area and with Grechetto di Todi, typical of Umbria.

Rebola today
This wine has the freshness of dewdrops and the colour of the first sunrays at dawn. It is ideal for a romantic aperitif or a candle-lit dinner, matching perfectly with the night view of the Riviera from the top of the hills.