Gelato museum

The history and recipes of cones, wafers, and sorbets. This museum is located in the historical Carpigiani plant, covering and area of over one thousand square metres, that has be converted into a modern structure with interactive tours and spaces for workshops and cultural activities. The museum tour is interactive, covering three topics: the evolution of ice cream over time, the history of production technology, and the places and ways ice cream is consumed. Roaming around the rooms, the visitor discovers that custard ice cream was invented during the Renaissance. Instead, in seventeenth- century Paris, thanks to the Sicilian Francesco Procopio Cutò, sorbet was sold for the first time on the street and became a popular product. It was not until the beginning of the twentieth century that people were able to enjoy ice cream in a wafer cone, symbol of the take-away ice cream.

Via Emilia, 45
Anzola dell’Emilia BO